Air mattress and Airbed

inflatable Modern air mattress is just an inflatable piece of textile-reinforced plastic, fabric or rubber. There are three types of air mattresses:

  • for sleeping at home, these also called as "air beds"
  • for sleeping outside of the home, usually for travelers
  • for water, as a water toy

queen size We will discuss the first type - air bed. Air bed has come to the market relaively soon. It is mostly intended for "temporary usage" for guests, but can also be used as permanent (but not as good as other types of mattresses) bed.

Okey, lets discuss pros and cons of piece of rubber filled with air.

Pros of air mattress:
Good mobility, can be stored/carried very easily.
Relatively cheap, but not always.

Easy to break, but result is not as dangerous as with waterbed.
Not as comfortable as other types of mattresses.
Market filled with low-quality air mattresses and it is hard to find a good one.

How to choose:
Good one is constructed of fabric with latex rubber air chambers.
Choose one with a special foundation.
It must have an electric pump and a firmness controller.
Vinyl is worst type of material for air mattress, because it much less durable than other meterials. If you have bad guests at home - give them vinil to sleep on :)

Air mattress as "air bed" for yourself is not a worst choice, but not a good one too. I suggest you to seek for more comfortable types of beds. Keep reading the articles and you will find out more.

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John Mayoh, 15/08:
i purchased a woods qweene size air bed with a battery bult in pump.Ifollowed all instructions the pummp ran for about 45 minutes it pumped the bed about 15%of capacity I think the pump is faulty i borowed a hand pump it pumped up very quickly.

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