Coil (innerspring) mattress

Coil mattress is also known as innerspring mattress. It differs from other types of mattresses by "support core" - spring coils provide support for sleeping body. Spring coils are mainly made up of steel.

There are numerous factors that determine the coil mattress comfort. It depends on the structure of the coils, coil material, number of the turns, gauge and others.

Types of coils used by modern manufacturers:

bonnel 1) Bonnell coils - also known as open sprungs. All coils are connected to one another and are dependant (so called 'dependent spring block'). Bonnell coils are the oldest and cheapest type of coils on the market. They usually used in cheap mattresses, because they provide weak support comparing to other types of coils.

pocketed coils 2) Marshall coils - also known as "pocket springs" or "pocketed coils" or "multipocket spring block". Each coil is encased in its own fabric pocket, this allows each sprung to work independently. Independent support provides more comfort. It is especially usefull for sleeping partners, because movement of one does not disturbs another. Steel used in coil manufacturing is usually tempered. Sprungs are small and softer.
offset coil 3) Offset coils - are stable springs that privide good support. They have more hinge points with foundation.
continuous coils 4) Continuous coils - are similar to offset coils and made from sontinuous steel wire. They are smaller than bonnel coils and provide higher response level.

Pros of coil mattress:
Provides different levels of comfort. It has wide variety of support level (from softer to firmer), great motion separation, distribution of body weight, limiting motion transfer and rolling.
Repairing is relatively simple comparing to latex mattresses / air / waterbeds

A good one is expensive, all of them have higher price comparing to other types.

How to find a good one:
Because of wide variety of coil types, I suggest you to TEST all coil mattresses available in your local furniture store and choose which one satisfies your feelings. If you can't test it by yourself, then it is better to choose mattress with pocketed coils, manufactured by world known brand.

How to get bad one:
Choose mattress with bonnell coils.

Coil / innerspring mattress is the most common and natural type of mattress. If you can't deside which type of mattress to choose - take this one, it suits needs of most people and has no distinctive downsides.

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