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The quality of our sleep affects quality of our life. Our sleep depends not only on duration, air temperature, light, noise but also the surface on which we sleep. A key component of bedding is mattress. Because most people spend over a third of their lives sleeping, finding a quality mattress is important for a high quality of life as it is very harmful to sleep much on sofas and cots.

According to numerous definitions, MATTRESS is a large thick pad filled with resilient material and often incorporating coiled springs, used as a bed or part of a bed; a mat-like protective covering. The first mattress was produced in 1870 by Simmons French Company. Now there are a lot of companies in the market of mattresses struggling for the customer and leadership.

Nowadays mattress manufacturers always try to modernize their production. It became possible due to appearance of new materials and technologies in the market. Among a wide range of various mattresses, orthopedic ones are of the greatest popularity today due to their healing properties. The problem is that there is no such definition in the State Standard, and as a result some manufacturers may manipulate with its meaning. In general an orthopedic mattress is mattress with specially determined hardness. According to professionals, a proper mattress should conform to the spine's natural curves and to keep the spine in alignment when you lay down, and also distribute pressure evenly across the body to help circulation, decrease body movement and enhance sleep quality.

Nowadays there are a lot of spring and non-spring mattresses from low to high price level.

But any mattress should have many layers, where soft layers alternate with hard ones. It is considered that the more layers there are, the better mattress is. Though all the mattresses are seemed to be similar, they have different kinds of stuff. Such materials as foam-rubber, coconut fibers, see grass, latex may be used for mattress stuff. Mattresses can also differ from one another by structure of the layers, diameter and thickness of the spring blocks, etc. Nowadays mattresses with independent spring blocks are very popular for complete noiselessness. You may also choose a high price level mattress equipped with vents, so called aerators capable of air circulation inside the construction.

There are some mattresses specially designed for people of a certain weight though most spring mattresses don't have any weight limitations.

Mattress thickness fluctuates from 10 to 28 cm and depends on the stuff. Pay attention at the fact that mattress length and width should correspond to sizes of the bed. So while choosing a mattress, take into consideration a possibility to order a mattress of the sizes required.

There are a lot of fabrics to be used for mattress cover. But all of them should be strong ones capable to withstand the daily load. Natural, synthetic, mixed and bonded fabrics are widely used. A high quality mattress should be properly quilted in order to extend its lifetime. There are various kinds of steeps to improve quality of a mattress. Among them there are the following ones: antiallergenic, dust-protective, fire-prevention, etc.

All the stated parameters affect a mattress price. So, the most expensive category includes the mattresses with blocks of independent springs of small diameter stitched into separate bags of bonded fabric.

Well-known manufacturers use only high quality nontoxic materials and thoroughly chosen components. While buying a mattress pay attention at its conformance certificate and test log. We recommend you to contact a trade salon to get a highly quality mattress. A professional consultant will show you a wide range of mattresses and help you to choose a mattress meeting all your needs and wishes. Don't neglect the fact that a quality mattress is pledge of your full-fledged rest and good state of health.

~ Richard, project.
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