Mattress made from memory foam

Memory foam mattress appeared relatively soon. It also known as "Novaform mattress", "Visco Elastic" and "Contour mattress". You maybe heared about it as of "Nasa mattress". You can ask "why Nasa?". Because memory foam, material which is used in mattress manufacturing, was originally designed by Nasa.

So whats so distinctive with this type of mattress ?

Under the influence of body heat and weight, memory foam changes its shape to fit the shape of a warm body. It is also pressure-sensitive and responsive.

Let me start my review from "cons", not "pros", and here is the reason.

Cons of memory foam mattress:

It feels like sleeping in a piece of plasticine. Some of the people don't like it, but some adore it for this reason. Sometimes because of "slow rebound" you can't comfortably turn - it remembers your previous position.
Memory foam has distinct chemical odour. Some people complained that they have allergy symptoms using this mattress.
Good memory foam mattres is expensive.


Useful in hospitals for medical-related uses.
Useful for old-people or people with spinal/neck disfunctions.

Selection tips:

Test it before purchasing! Get one with good surface and without chemical odour.
Choose the one with right support level, because they differ.
Certainly get one with money back trial period for at least a few weeks. Many customers complained that memory foam looses its initial flat shape in 1-2 years.
Get a good warranty.
Take it from one of the world known Brands.

Production of high quality memory foam is relatively expensive process, so stay away from cheap / non-brand memory foam mattresses.
Keep reading my articles and find out truth about other types of mattresses.

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Stephanie, 16/02:
I just awoke after 3 hours of sleeping on my new memory foam(3 inches By Carolina I am hot I took off the Matress cover It had a plastic backing Hopefully it will cool off Otherwise I'll have to try and trade out thisS500 matress

dan, 23/01:
We've had a memory foam mattress for 3 weeks now on a 4 week trial I'm just about to call the company to ask them to come and pick it up We're both too hot and our backs are killing us Never again.

Mike, 28/11:
but the one we've got is giving me a back-ache My wife loves it so maybe it's a wieght issue[17 stone 2 meteres tall The old one we had was fine I wish I'd tested the new one rather than just leaving it to my wife to go to the shop alonee Serves me right for being lazy I suppose

marie, 31/05:
is the Symbol brand mattress any good

Bob, 02/08:
I don't know what planet you got your information from but quality memory foam mattresses are the best sleep product I have ever slept on And anyone I know who has one agrees Of course not EVERYONE will like them but I have been sleeping on them for over 8 years and would NEVER go back to a traditional mattress

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