Various articles have been written on the role of sleep and its importance, as a human being sleeps in general a third part of the life. So, we will dwell on this topic no more and try to provide our readers with more information concerning orthopedic mattresses and recommendations how to choose a proper one to improve your sleeping posture and extend your sleeping comfort.

First of all we'd like to clear up the question what is meant under “orthopedic” mattress, as there is no such a definition in the State Standard. So we mean under an orthopedic mattress a one that moulds and contours to your body's natural weight and shape. Such a mattress is very useful for both healthy people and those suffering from backbone problems.

Now let's speak about the anatomic properties of an orthopedic mattress. These properties determine the value of a mattress relating its healing effects.

Classification of orthopedic mattresses

All orthopedic mattresses are divided into spring and non-spring ones.

The spring mattresses are divided in their turn into mattresses with spring blocks in which biconical springs are connected by rows with 100 pcs for a square metre density (bonnel springs) and mattresses based on independent spring blocks (pocket springs).

Frankly speaking mattresses of the first category are considered to be out-of-date. They have a lot of disadvantages, and cannot provide in reality any orthopedic and healing properties. The only reason why people buy them nowadays is their low price. But we don't recommend saving on your sleep as it is directly connected with your proper rest and health.

Now let's place a higher emphasis on the category of mattresses with independent springs. There are two types of their spring blocks: properly independent and multipocket. A properly independent block contains 256 springs per a square meter while a multipocket has from 500 to 1100 pcs. Orthopedic mattresses made on the basis of a multipocket springs are both useful and comfortable for your sleep. While buying a mattress pay attention at manufacturer of the mattress spring block. It's much more reliable to use spring blocks of only well-known and highly experienced suppliers. So don't hesitate asking about origin of the springs.

The best and essential stuff for such mattresses is considered to be latex. Though there are a lot of kinds of properly independent block mattresses, their price is determined by the stuff applied. So we need to clear up more details about stuff types and their usage.


The companies manufacturing mattresses apply synthetic stuff for their products of the low price level. This includes foam-rubber and strut-fiber. Natural materials like coconut fiber, latex, sheep wool and horsehair are used for stuff in mattresses of middle and high price level.

Latex is a natural material derived from rubber tree sap through its frothing. It is very elastic and resilient, capable of sustaining high pressure and restoring its initial form. It is harmless as it doesn't cause allergy and it can be properly used for over 20 years. Besides, it is not hygroscopic (unlike foam-rubber).

Coconut fiber can also be properly used. It is usually sodden with latex. It is used to add elasticity and hardness to a mattress and is valuable for a capacity of proper ventilation.

Wool is widely used to manufacture mattresses of “winter and summer” type. It is also a natural material and is valuable for its durability and no side effects.


There also can be non-spring orthopedic mattresses. They usually have a similar structure with a block of porous material and a “winter and summer” covering above. Such mattresses should be transported in vacuum cases in order not to be damaged.

  1. Having bought a mattress, place it on a flat and hard surface or an orthopedic grating the racks of which are made of hard wood (beech or birch) and are of bent form. Orthopedic grating extends the mattress lifetime and is very useful for your backbone.

  2. The mattress length should be at least 15 cm more than the user's height.

  3. Don't forget to turn the mattress over every six months.

~ Richard, project.
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