Don't sink in the see of mattresses

1. Introduction.

This article has been written not as a sort of advertisement but as an attempt to clear up the situation in the world of mattresses. I just try here to touch some questions that frequently appear by customers. They regard the variety of mattresses and their prices.

2. How to make a proper choice in multiplicity of mattresses

People are often confused by variety of types and prices in the market of mattresses. It is a well-known truth that every cook praises his own broth. But frankly speaking I recollect within this context another proverb saying that good wine needs no bush. So, don't be mistaken by numerous advertisements and take into account only poor facts.

A proper way to make a correct choice of a mattress is to consider the relation between price and quality of the mattress. So, if you can venture to buy a mattress with an independent spring block and natural stuff, you will undoubtedly enjoy its advantages. Such a mattress is very useful in ecological and healing properties and has a long lifetime, but its price will be certainly rather high. Latex or coconut fibers are usually used in such mattresses.

You may also choose a little bit cheaper sort of mattress. It has an independent spring block but an artificial stuff instead of a natural one. You will not feel differences in outward appearance but the lifetime of such a mattress is certainly much lower.

But don't fall into distress if you don't dispose of cash means enough to get such a mattress. There are a lot of cheaper variants that are also worth of your choice. Take into consideration that a mattress is not panacea from all the problems and diseases no matter how good and high quality it is. It's just preventive means and a sort of support for your back. So, you may choose a mattress with a dependent spring block. It's not as valuable as the previous ones but can also meet your requirements.

Another important detail is relation of softness and hardness. But these notions are rather subjective. One and the same mattress may be soft for one person but hard for another one. While choosing a mattress you should head for your own back and its peculiarities. When you lie on a hard mattress your back is arched, and on the contrary, choosing a soft mattress you make your back bend, and an independent spring block allows keeping a natural state of your body. An independent spring block mattress is considered a pseudo-soft. If you press the mattress with your knee you'll think it is soft but if you lie down your body weight will allocate evenly on the whole surface.

3. Many offers, many prices

Now let's speak about price formation and clear up some details why the prices are so different.

In this connection we can emphasize three main categories of price formation:

  • Price formation on the basis of the mattress production costs

To understand this principle let's compare production costs for mattresses with a dependent spring block and two types of independent spring blocks with various sorts of the stuff (coconut fibers, latex and foamed polyurethane). Take into consideration that prime cost compiles almost 70% of the mattress price. Now let's place the sorts of spring blocks and stuffs in descending order regarding their prime costs. So we obtain the following data:

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So we understand that a mattress based on a multipocket spring block and filled with coconut fiber is considered the most expensive one.

The cheapest one is a mattress on the basis of a dependent spring block with foamed polyurethane stuff.

  • Price formation on the basis of demand and supply

While using this method it is necessary to provide quality and quantitative analysis of consumer characteristics of mattresses. In this connection it is proved that mattresses on the basis of TFK system independent spring block and a dependent spring block filled with latex or some artificial materials are of the highest demand due to their relation of acceptable price and quality.

  • Price formation on the basis of competition

In general all manufacturers establish market average price for their goods. In struggle for competition some of them decide to reduce price slightly to get more consumers.

4. Conclusions.

So we have come to a conclusion that a mattress cannot be cheaper than its material expenses plus some extra charge. There are many traders who cheat the buyers advertising them very cheap goods as high quality ones. But be sure that it's a complete pack of lies. Sometimes mattresses with manually waved springs are sold as those with a multipocket. There are a lot of falsifications with mattress stuff when some low quality artificial stuffs are posed as coconut fibers. There are a lot of other examples when manufacturers apply any monkey business in search of easy money. So the best advice to you is to be very carefully and not to be tempted by low price. The best way to buy a high quality mattress is to go to a specialized shop where qualified professionals will consult you and provide you with a guarantee for the mattress chosen.

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